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Breathing new life into old buildings

Revive Holdings develop properties across the South of England

Revive was created with one goal in mind – to breathe new life into old buildings, creating beautiful homes in the South of England. As a property development and investment company, our experience has helped us perfect how to maximise returns by spotting the marginal gains which other property developers in the South often miss.

Revive Holdings transform tired properties into high quality, high yield housing, accomplishing this by collaborating with the best industry experts and professionals who can deliver our vision of providing quality affordable accommodation.

The Revive Holdings Vision

Vision is crucial for any company as it determines direction. Without it a company will not grow, may stagnate and even wither. Vision provides insight into the ambition and ethos of a business as well as its founder. The Revive Holdings vision is one that encompasses many attributes, but put simply, it is to breathe new life into old buildings, creating beautiful homes in the South of England. Our core principles revolve around shared value and collaboration. By understanding the motivations of our investors and underpinning everything we do with honesty, integrity and profitability. Our aim is to create long-term relationships with our financiers and capital partners. This will be achieved whilst sharing value with our investment partners, customers, professional teams and the whole value chain at all times.

Revive Holdings work  with Strategic Partners including:

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Our Mission: to repurpose landmark buildings into beautiful homes.

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