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Revive Holdings successfully transform property development opportunities into higher yields, and margins on cost, faster than many others in the industry. Our proven techniques allow us to achieve the maximum possible risk-adjusted return on all of our property development projects.

Renovation and Refurbishment

The term ‘renovation’ refers to the process of returning something to a good state of repair. In the construction industry, renovation refers to the process of improving or modernising an old, damaged or defective building, whereas ‘refurbishment’ is a process of improvement by cleaning, decorating, or re-equipping.

Typical renovation work carried out by Revive Holdings falls into two categorises –  ‘cosmetic’ and ‘structural’.

Structural renovation might include:

  • Extensions
  • Loft conversions
  • Redesign of floor plans
  • Re-wiring
  • Re-plumbing
  • Replastering

Cosmetic renovation might include:

  • Painting and other forms of decoration and minor repairs
  • Replacing Flooring
  • Updating fixtures and fittings
  • Light landscaping

FOUNDER – Samantha Beddoe


After an illustrious career as a police detective for 25 years, investigating major crime, including murder, blackmail, drug trafficking, human trafficking; Samantha is now striding forward in property development.

Samantha has property investing experience in many property sectors, including single lets, HMOs, refurbishment, title split, lease extensions, commercial conversions, planning gain and serviced accommodation.

Samantha has a portfolio of serviced apartments in Southampton, offering accommodation to business and leisure clients.

In addition, Samantha offers mentoring to clients working in the serviced accommodation arena and is part of an expert panel, offering advice in relation to Serviced Accommodation, Joint Ventures, working with Private Investors, and using SSAS pensions in property investment and commercial conversions.




Ritchie is a construction industry specialist with over 35 year’s experience in new build and commercial conversion schemes nationally.

A Chartered Structural Engineer with decades of experience in large corporate organisations, at senior level, working on many projects such as 2012 Olympic Stadium, Velodrome and Aquatics buildings, Wimbledon retracting roof and world renowned sculptures at The Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The business was bought by Capita Group and he facilitated the two year transition, in the role of Managing Director of UK Structures Division and Board of Directors of UK Design Division, before moving on to form his own consultancy in business acquisitions, growth, development and disposal.

In addition to the business consultancy, Ritchie is a property developer, working on a variety of commercial to residential schemes.

His passion is coaching other business owners, empowering them to success and business growth by achieving life changing financial returns.

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